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Achieve Accelerated Project Management results to slash waste and boost profits with innovation and "beyond the box" strategies vital to thrive in the global economy. Cultivate innovation, with technology as a critical tool.

Dr. BonnieJean Butler has been selected to the Post-Disaster Rebuild and Training Project by the Project Management Institute, the world’s foremost advocate for the project management profession.

Selected from over 150,000 candidates in over 150 countries, Dr. Butler will develop a program to rebuilding communities after disasters such as the Tsunami in Asia, and train international aid agencies to provide lasting benefits to the victims of future disasters. Methodology will be provided at no cost to relief agencies and governments.

Fourteen countries are represented on the team, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Jakarta, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America, Read More...

Dr. Butler’s doctoral research is nationally recognized aligning initiatives of project/program management and corporate technology development.

Here is what some say:

“BonnieJean Butler did an outstanding job for us at PC Connection, helping us create our internet business and growth of $0 to $60 million in one year. Her ability to see the big picture and simultaneously focus on the strategic details we needed to accomplish our goals was impressive. Her understanding of the technological changes we needed to implement, coupled with the training and staff development she provided were invaluable. Her work with us was a resounding success.”
John Bomba, Former CIO, PC Connection, Inc.

"What Dr. Butler did for was remarkable! From managing 156 people to launching all on-line initiatives, and training and coaching our staff, she made a substantial difference to this business. Her ability to build a high performance team and develop new strategic processes while meeting customer needs was quite impressive. Her creative problem-solving is evident, and coupled with quick execution style and awesome results, her insight and innovation would assist any company."
                            Misha Katz, Founder,

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