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Corporate Background
GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) is the world’s leading producer of large and small jet engines for commercial and military aircraft. GEAE’s technological excellence, supported by continuing substantial investments in research and development, has been the foundation of growth and helps to ensure quality products for customers. Revenues in 2002 are $131.7 Billion.

Corporate Challenge:

Outdated Quality Standards policies.

Re-engineered Quality Practices for 16,000 employees resulting in unprecedented 100% successful passing of government audits without increasing staff or resources. Reduced delays, lag time and costs by 35%.

"BonnieJean is innovative and quick to find the right solution for all involved. She displays high integrity and a strong work ethic and was a fabulous asset to our project."
– Tonya Herron, Former Manager, GE PC Distributed Services

Corporate Challenge:

Non-strategic personal computing hardware throughout 165 engineering organizations.

Developed, implemented and managed re-allocation process for $3M Q4 hardware budget of new Novell-served 486 PC’s and HP710 workstations.

Corporate Challenge:

Computing hardware and software distribution doubled over 2.5 years. Lack of processes to support rapid growth of training needs and software purchases.

Trained corporate adults in software and hardware. Developed purchase tracking standards, and negotiated purchases for $1.3 million annual software budget. Increased efficiencies by 20%. Provided written and coached hardware and software technical support and technical training for PC, Macintosh and Wang end-users.

Corporate Challenge:

Rapid growth in Information Technology organization without documentation

Solely responsible for all Desktop Publishing in Information Technology organizations for new and existing documentation. Authored technical newsletter with distribution of 200 users. Co-chaired PC User Group.


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