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Butler Global has the insight and specialized solutions to help make your goals a reality. If you are ready for rapid results, and a no-nonsense approach, we are ready for you.

We get it done, we don't just talk about getting it done. Accelerated success and value based initiatives are the corner stones of our business. We work with you to achieve rapid, long-lasting solutions with significant results.

Each of our services is available as a stand-alone activity. However, a company may use a combination of services to achieve optimal results.

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Butler Global Executive Coaching - Personal Improvement for High Achievers

High achievers know that steady and consistent improvements are the way to accelerate success and maximum strengths. But it can be lonely at the top.

Coaching is an effective way to reach for the stars, accelerate performance and maximize results. Butler Global Consulting offers Executive Coaching, a confidential coaching and counseling program for senior managers, professionals and executives.

Who Can Benefit From Executive Coaching
  • A new business owner who wants to be the best.
  • A business executive new to the executive level.
  • A business owner changing focus.
  • Entrepreneurs launching a new product or breaking into a new market.
  • Job Transitioners with senior level experience.
  • Senior Executives.
  • Our Executive Coaching is provided as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our other services. Known for award-winning results, Bonnie Jean Butler, Ph.D., member of the International Coaching Federation, is the exclusive resource for those who enroll in the program.

    If you are looking for accelerated, dramatic improvements in your performance, contact Butler Global to learn more about the Butler Global Executive Coaching.

    "Dr. BonnieJean Butler has been my professional coach for several months and her knowledge, skills and style of coaching are the best!

    By pin-pointing various aspects to improve, BonnieJean has helped my professional growth tremendously. I have been consciously applying her methods in my day-today activities and the results have been exceptional.

    If you really want to make a positive change in your professional life, consider coaching with BonnieJean. It's a small time investment that Provides significant, life-long benefits."
    --Mahesh Phadnis, Ph.D.

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    Presentation Topics Include:

    BonnieJean in Dublin Ireland.Team Building
  • Select the best, Don't settle for less
  • Teams Relationships -- One Bad Apple
  • Executive Coaching
  • Winning for Winners -- Personal Improvement for High Achievers
  • Lonely At the Top -- Strategies for Breaking The Isolation Barrier
  • Maximizing Business Success with Technology
  • Techie Talk -- Executives and Technical Teams can work together to quickly and efficiently achieve company goals
  • Technical Implementation -- They Want What? When?
  • Project Management
  • Project Management -- Secrets to getting it done right the first time
  • Accelerate Learning -- Start sprinting and Stop tripping
  • Change Management
  • Listen to the Rebel -- 5 Top Strategies to Accelerate Change
  • Who Says We Can't There From Here?
  • Change Success Stories -- You Can Do It Too Case Studies
  • Budget Slashing Butler Global Style
  • For more on ButlerGlobal presentations, see our Speaking page.

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    Rapid Results Project Management
  • Are you considering a new product or program offering?
  • Do you want to make major modifications to an existing process?
  • Butler Global's Rapid Results Project Management provides accelerated solutions development and deployment with a faster ROI. We have an award-winning record of successful management of a variety of projects and programs over the years. Full-circle, from writing the project proposal to implementing the solution, we know how to get it done right the first time. Aren't all project management techniques the same? Absolutely not.

    Many project management experts are becoming experts on your time. You're challenge is their challenge, and they are building their experience at your expense.

    Others merely track the progress of teams, sort-of, using no best practices or tracking mechanism.

    And yet others missed their calling as artists. They draw pretty power-point slides that look nice but have no idea how to make things happen.

    Butler Global Rapid Results Project Management is proven methodology with award-winning (link) results. Custom created with your needs in mind, we quickly we apply our 20 years of successful project management expertise to your business need and quickly develop a solution that works for you. We make to make it happen, make it stick, and make it fast.

    Rapid Results Project Management increases profitability, decreases costs, and gives corporations the competitive advantage.

    Butler Global Accelerated Growth Success:
  • Creates a competitive business vision and roadmap for implementation
  • Addresses all aspects of operations management and performance improvement
  • Identifies and controls risk elements
  • Delivers operational effectiveness that maximizes efficiency and helps organizations achieve cost take out benefits
  • Butler Global Accelerated Success helps companies improve their business performance and operational efficiency. Quickly developing a framework to drive business transformation processes and realize tangible, measurable ROI is what we do.

    We help our clients by providing business methodologies, industry analyses, and technology tools that will help organizations

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    Butler Global Re-Engineering

    Are you looking for ways to streamline your existing operations?

    Every day our environment is becoming more competitive. Butler Global Re-Engineering improves companies business performance and operational efficiency. How? We quickly develop a framework to drive business transformation processes and realize tangible, measurable ROI.

    Do you have an existing operation you know should be operating more efficiently?
    Do you need to cut costs but are not sure how without sacrificing customer integrity?
    Is a rapid ROI important to you?

    Butler Global Supply Chain Management

    We enable companies to build a value-based, phased approach with current supply chain operations to deliver rapid value improvements.

    We work with our clients to integrate supply chain management into their overall business strategy to create sustainable value creation.

    Training Module Topics:
  • Maximizing Business Success with Technology Click to jump to this topic on this page
  • Team Building Click to jump to this topic on this page
  • Executive Coaching Click to jump to this topic on this page
  • Project Management Click to jump to this topic on this page
  • Change Management Click to jump to this topic on this page
  • Butler Global Training works with you to plot a course for an accelerated, lasting solution. We will work with you to develop and implement a program to ensure your success by reinforcing the skills we teach.

    Navigational Assessment - Where does your team needs help. We involve the team before the training with surveys and pre-work.

    Personalized Roadmap - Your team will work on their own real-world problems during training with open dialog, role playing and small-group sessions

    Erosion Elimination - Your team will have access to answers to solve real problems

    Stay-The-Course - You will learn how to help your team stay focused on their new skills after they return to the field. We reinforce our training with a variety of effective techniques, including, web-based programs, teleconferences, coaching and e-mail support.

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    Transition Coaching

    Change isnít easy and transition coaching focuses on you. How? Weíll figure out how to help you maneuver through new or unfamiliar situations, either personally, professionally, or both.

    It is important for you to know donít need to have all the answers. Together weíll look at how your life is changing. Most people arenít clear on their next steps, or how they want their life to be. You are in great company!

    Second, you donít have to figure it out what you want to do, or where you want to be now, or figure it all out. Adapting to change takes time, but it is important to move a few steps forward, sideways or even backward as you learn what works best for you.

    How do I help? Together we customize an approach that works for you. I can be a sounding board, help with goal development, provide support, encouragement, ask or answer questions, and so much more. The goal is for you to enjoy making progress as you learn about your next steps.

    You donít have to figure it all out alone.

    Our conversations are confidential as we create a dynamic, trusting and supportive environment. And Iíll bet weíll even have a little fun along the way

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