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Corporate Background
Spirit Technologies, a major supplier to direct marketing companies, computer superstores and dealers, distributed products through direct mail catalogues, and computer superstores throughout over 20 countries. Developing and marketing high speed and removable storage devices with in-house software engineering Spirit adds greater flexibility and performance. Annual revenues approximately $22M.

Corporate Challenge
As a result of tremendous corporate growth, Spirit required strategic planning and business process improvements targeted toward efficiency and cost savings.

Results from Butler Global Consulting:
Turn Innovation into Results
Queried customer service callers regarding their dissatisfaction issues. Assimilated information and created solution.
Authored user-friendly Quick Install Procedure and Quick Tips with troubleshooting process to be included with every new purchase. Procedures and Tips addressed 95% of customer concerns.
Developed and proposed automated call support system for 24/7 troubleshooting.

Reduced technical support calls by 45% without increasing resources, saving approximately $150K per year.

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