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"Bonnie Jean was instrumental helping us grow from $4.8 million to $60 million in one year, and solved many of our most complex operational challenges. She is remarkable and I would hire her again in a minute!"

--Misha Katz, Founder of Furniture.com

“BonnieJean Butler did an outstanding job for us at PC Connection, helping us create our internet business and growth of $0 to $60 million in one year. Her ability to see the big picture and simultaneously focus on the strategic details we needed to accomplish our goals was impressive. Her understanding of the technological changes we needed to implement, coupled with the training and staff development she provided were invaluable. Her work with us was a resounding success.”

John Bomba, Former CIO, PC Connection, Inc.

"Dr. Butler's approach to our project was progressive and creative. She was both outgoing and proactive, building good relationships on the team and coming up with innovative ways to meet the project goals. She was good at knocking down roadblocks and developing solutions quickly. The results of her work were very effective."

Scott Stegner, Lockheed Martin

"What Dr. Butler did for Furniture.com was remarkable. From managing 156 people to launching all on-line initiatives to training and coaching staff, she made a substantial difference to this business. Her ability to build a high performance team and develop new strategic processes while meeting customer needs was quite impressive. Her creativity was evident in the swatch program, the fact tag program and the 3-D studio, all designed to help the customer buy comfortably on line. Dr. Butler's insight and innovation would assist any company."

Misha Katz, Founder, Furniture.com

"What impressed me about Dr. Butler’s speech was her ability to talk honesty about her experiences in change management. Her personal stories of corporate change engaged the listener; her depth of experience was very informative."

Declan Kelly, Head of Informatics, National College of Ireland

"To meet someone with such vast experience and knowledge, who is also dedicated to helping forward our cause, was a pleasure. Dr. Butler’s presentation was a flow of creative ideas, which will result, hopefully, in the Beaumont Hospital Foundation growing and moving into new areas."

Kevin Kent, Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

"What I learned from Dr. Butler is to apply change in an integrated process rather than a unit process being applied to one aspect. Her case studies were the most valuable aspect of the presentation. Change management, if not applied judiciously, can prove fatal for a company or society."

Dr. Pramod Pathak, National College of Ireland

"Dr. BonnieJean Butler has been my professional coach for several months and her knowledge, skills and style of coaching are the best! By pin-pointing various aspects to improve, BonnieJean has helped my professional growth tremendously. I have been consciously applying her methods in my day-today activities and the results have been exceptional. If you really want to make a positive change in your professional life, consider coaching with BonnieJean. It's a small time investment that provides significant, life-long benefits."

--Mahesh Phadnis, Ph.D.

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